Lunar 2016 Outlook Remains Positive

We started 2015 with enthusiasm for the Chinese consumer, A-shares generating 53% annualized returns, and healthy private equity performance. This year begins with severe pessimism about China’s economic transition, public markets all sharply lower, and private equity returns in question. One friend complained that his clients were demanding to know why anyone even still focuses […]

Catching the Next Wave of Consumption Driven by Policy

It has taken China more than three decades of rapid urbanization and persistent high growth rates to get to where we are today, and the Chinese economy is now entering a “new normal” that requires sustained efforts to re-balance its fundamental economic structure to focus on stable, single-digit, growth driven by the consumer. Beijing’s recently […]

Domestic Brands Winning Market Share

Over the next decade, we believe that Chinese brands will continue to extend market share by leveraging local tastes and presence. We believe this will be beneficial for our strategy of acquiring and developing mass-market premium brands that are familiar to, and resonate with, increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers who are willing to pay more for […]

The Case for Buyout Private Equity in China

For the past 35 years, Chinese private businesses have been growing at full tilt, and now account for more than 75% of total gross industrial output. Many of these private companies originated from OEM manufacturing, and thrived in the export-driven economy of yesterday. Cheap labor, low entry costs, and a supportive currency allowed homogeneous competition […]

Chinese Consumer Story Remains Strong

Analysts and party leaders are calling for a need to rebalance China’s development toward a consumption-driven economy, and move away from investment-led growth, which has slowed. Despite the gradual increase in number of China skeptics, we are confident that China remains the fastest growing consumer market in the world. A recent McKinsey report argues that […]

Lunar Capital Update: Achievements in 2014

Our achievements in 2014 continue to serve as a validation of our thesis, strategy and commitment to consumer-focused, operationally-intensive, control-oriented investments in China. Our most recent fund, Lunar Capital Partners-III, is now fully invested with strong prospects for further valuation gains and distributions. Our apparel investment, Yeehoo, ended 2014 with revenue and earnings up significantly, […]

Joysun Signs “Champion·Family Life” Proposal

 “Champion·Family Life”  is China's first reality TV Show about the family life of Olympic champions. The show will be broadcasted on 50 local TV channels, including CCTV and Beijing TV. In total, there will be 52 episodes, released every Saturday night in 2015.   On January 12, 2015, the launching ceremony of “Champion · Family […]

A Process for Delivering Strong Risk-Adjusted Returns

We believe that robust, well-governed processes are critical to source, acquire and build better businesses in China’s growing consumer market, and will allow us to generate stronger risk-adjusted returns. Our investment process follows ten-stages that emphasize timeline, control, discipline, transparency and results. We aim to leverage our resources and experience running Chinese consumer companies, monetize […]

Lunar Capital 2014: Progress to Date

We believe the coming decade will be marked by an emergence of individuality, a shift from savings toward consumption, and government policies that support the growth of a strong consumer-led economy. Managing these changes is a challenge for the consumer businesses that we target for investment. The recent slowing of growth, in addition to scarcity […]

Consumer Trends in China’s Beverage Industry and Opportunities to Invest

Recently we wrote about our industry-insider approach to sourcing, which we believe provides a unique and growing pipeline of consumer opportunities by narrowing our focus on subsectors where we see strong brands, low penetration buyout rates and healthy margins. Within these subsectors we map out leading companies and approach businesses that score well on key […]