Feng Gao

CEO, Yeehoo

I have been working in the fashion and apparel industry for nearly 25 years, first with domestic brands before moving on to becoming the head of China operations for multiple multinational corporations (MNCs). Over the last decade, I served as the China director of Hermes, as well as the China Head of Bottega Veneta, helping to establish their respective Chinese businesses and to strengthen their overall brand image. In 2013, I graciously accepted Lunar's generous offer to take on the role of CEO at Yeehoo.

China's traditional values have always placed a very strong emphasis on the upbringing of children, leading to tremendous growth of the kidswear industry and child-specific consumer spending. Yeehoo is dedicated to providing quality products and exceptional service to its customers and consumers.

In late 2013, the Chinese government loosened the famous “One Child Policy”, allowing families to have two children if one of them is an only child. This policy, combined with already rising consumption trends, has put the spotlight on the kidswear sector. We expect the competition in the children's apparel space to increase, whether it's competing through capital, management ability or branding. As a domestic brand, competition with foreign MNC brands is inevitable – but we remain prepared and disciplined in our approach. To build an internationally competitive and recognized brand, the brand must create personal connections to our customers through our quality products and exceptional service. Currently, the age 30-35 consumer segment Is much more brand conscious than their contemporaries and seek a lifestyle comparable to international standards. Having just come into parenthood, they are the main audience for our marketing and communication efforts where Yeehoo will align its strategic focus on the centralization of upgrading the end user experience and improving our client relationship systems, thereby reinforcing brand value through process driven and disciplined management.

In terms of brand planning and marketing, we are looking at multiple avenues to expand Yeehoo's brand presence in the market: working with the best photographers and artists to upgrade the brand image, and working with the best musicians, sculptors and designers to upgrade the in-store experience. Yeehoo is also collaborating with Tsinghua University, by providing charitable donations to the University's education fund and setting up a kidswear design center to promote the growth of the industry. Consumer loyalty programs are also rolling out on our e-commerce platforms to improve the overall shopping experience.

We cherish the life of every child – a uniquely precious gift to the world. Yeehoo's brand philosophy is to evolve and grow just as children grow and develop, starting from their earliest moments of life. With this mission. our team has set out to create the top brand in kid swear in China and it remains our team's dream that when future parents talk about what brand of clothing to buy for their kids, the first name that comes up will be: Yeehoo.